Royal Drawing School

I went to an event this afternoon at the Prince’s Drawing School at which the Prince of Wales announced its change of name to the Royal Drawing School.   I found it an unexpectedly impressive event.   First, because of the quality of work by former students on display.   Second, because of the recognition that a personal project of the Prince to support the teaching of drawing is now being converted into a long-term and permanent fixture of art teaching.   And third, because it is now no longer a fringe experiment, but a mature project with obvious benefits and broad support.


2 thoughts on “Royal Drawing School

  1. Joan Keating says:

    My fifteen year old son attends the Saturday drawing programme at Shoreditch which is part of a programme organised for youngsters at partner state schools. He has been attending the drawing school since he was ten – in those days it had a satellite in a church hall in Newham near where we live. He has had fantastic teachers over those five years and we notice that he has become a careful and concentrated observer of the visual. He also did a week long work experience in the technical department of the school last year. Among other things they took him to a builder’s merchant, purchased supplies and taught him how to assemble a shelf. Probably one of the most useful things he has learnt in some years of education! I cannot speak highly enough of the school and its work.

    • Yes, I first came across the work of the Prince’s Drawing School (as was), when my son attended the Saturday morning drawing classes when he was ten. I have always thought that he acquired skills of close observation and concentration as well as of drawing itself; and I have never forgotten arriving to pick him up and seeing a miscellaneous group of east end teenagers all concentrating on their drawing boards after four hours work.

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