St. Dunstan’s, Stepney

I popped in to St. Dunstan’s, our local parish church, because I wanted to have a look at the wall monuments.   The church is a relic of a time when Stepney was the first parish east of London and Stepney Green was truly a village green.   It is now heavily Victorianised, repaired by Benjamin Ferrey in the 1840s, gutted by fire in 1901, damaged in the war.   I was pleased to discover a monument to John Charrington, the local brewer:


And a rather wonderful piece of seventeenth-century verse:



One thought on “St. Dunstan’s, Stepney

  1. Cynthia Grant says:

    As noted in a post from Spitalfields Life – it is apparent from the records of St Dunstan’s Church that families in almost every street around suffered losses of their menfolk in WW One.
    A poignant reminder of the scale of loss

    23rd October 1914. Robert Elder, 59 Beaumont Sq
    9th May 1915, Stephen Freshney, 35 Ben Jonson Rd
    23rd May 1915, Robert Frehney, 35 Ben Jonson Rd
    10th August 1915, Norman Winterbourne, 9 Portland St
    10th August 1915, William Wittey, 278 Oxford St
    10th September 1915, William Fox, 97 Grosvenor St, Commercial Rd
    27th September 1915, Percy Stewart, 38 Belgrave St
    13th October 1915, Richard Vicat, 7 Lufton Place, Halley St
    3rd July 1916, Edgar Watts, 89 Belgrave St
    24th August 1916, Thomas Pocock, 127 White Horse St
    15th September 1916, Alfred Knowden, 22 Durham Rd
    15th September 1916, Sidney Squires, 6 Chaseley St
    23rd September 1916, Harry May, 59 White Horse Lane
    21st October 1916, George Legon, 32 Copley St
    13th October 1916, Richard Bull, 6 Market St
    13th November 1916, Henry Turner, 30 Portland St
    21st December 1916, George Palmer, 13 Bromley St
    2nd February 1917, Frederick Page, 17 King John St
    4th February 1917, William Wotten, 5 Wakeling St
    9th February 1917, Joseph Ellis, 3 Oley Place
    27th March 1917, William Page, Flat 4, 45 Jubilee St
    14th May 1917, John Jenkins, 27 Commercial Rd
    9th May 1917, Herbert Graves, 78 Diggon St
    10th May 1917, Henry Middleton, 82 Old Church Rd
    16th June 1917, John Moonie, 85 White Horse Lane
    6th July 1917, Thomas Crouch, 21 White Horse Lane
    9th July 1917, Walter Page, 63 White Horse Lane
    11th July 1917, Robert Kirby, 73 Ernest St
    16th July 1917, William Long, Pole St
    26th July 1917, William Lynch, 41 Belgrave St
    30th July 1917, George Reid, 38 Diggon St
    3rd September 1917, Sidney Biggs, 12 Matlock St
    20th September 1917, Edward Webber, 16 Dean St
    24th September 1917, William Grainger, 49 Diggon St
    26th October 1917, Alfred Walmer, 12 White Horse Lane
    26th October 1917, Ruchard Tyndall, 3 Rectory Sq
    2nd November 1917, John Fox, 3 Oley Place
    10th November 1917, Henry Nicholas, 38 Latimer St
    25th November 1917, Albert Clarke, Salmon Lane
    8th December 1917, Albert Stokes, 9 Louisa Gardens
    21st March 1918, Harry Gray, St Thomas St
    21st March 1918. Arthur Hallett, 52 Bromley St
    3rd April 1918, Horace Vincent, 21 Copley St
    1st May 1918, Robert Parlett, 51 Belgrave St
    27th May 1918, Albert Mitchell, Grosvenor St
    15th July 1918, Henry Smith, 169 Stepney Green
    1st September 1918, Walter McMinn, 635 Commercial Rd
    19th September 1918, Arthur Murphy, 23 Rhodeswell Rd
    17th October 1918, Raymond Smith, 10 Latimer St
    18th October 1918, Arthur Reids, 38 Diggon St
    2nd November 1918, Charles Legon, 107 Rhodeswell Rd

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