A house in Stepney

I was asked to talk tonight to third year students of Queen Mary about the history of our house.   It wasn’t easy because so little is known of its history beyond the fact that it belongs to a piece of mid-eighteenth century ribbon development along the Mile End Road which was then, as it is now, the main road out to Bow, Stratford and Essex beyond.   At the time, Stepney was still gentrified, a village outside London.   Our house occupies the site of a larger house, which had a driveway off the Mile End Road and belonged to a crypto-Jacobite MP called Archibald Hutcheson, who had trained as a barrister, was a Fellow of the Royal Society, and married a wealthy widow who had previously been married to the Governor of Bombay.   He died on 12 August 1740 and the house was sold to a speculative builder called Thomas Andrews, who built three houses in a row, one of which later belonged to Henry Charrington, who ran the local brewery.   There were parlours on the ground floor, bedrooms upstairs and a kitchen in the basement.   But how many servants were there and which rooms did they occupy ?  I wish I knew.







2 thoughts on “A house in Stepney

  1. Justine Owens says:

    I played in your house as a child when it was A Leavers, a case-makers shop, hope you are happy there, I was 🙂

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