I went to Clapham to visit my cousin.   It was cold and damp, but it gave me a chance to see Holy Trinity, Clapham, a large, barn-like and still evangelical structure, isolated in the middle of the common.   Also, the larger houses on the north side of the common, with their relics of the Clapham Sect, and including no.29, a large house now being renovated which was once the home of Charles Barry.

This is Holy Trinity, which opened in 1775:




2 thoughts on “Clapham

  1. Ellis Woodman says:

    The chancel by Arthur Beresford Pite from 1903 is worth noting. It is from the same period as Pite’s nearby Christ Church, Brixton Road where the client was his evangelical preacher brother in law. The pilasters on the east front of Holy Trinity employ a variant of a Bassae Ionic capital which I’m guessing is Pite’s own peculiar invention – certainly I’ve never seen it elsewhere.

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