31, Old Burlington Street

I was tipped off at a meeting earlier in the week that no. 31, Old Burlington Street, just north of Burlington Gardens, is Grade 1 listed.   So, I stopped to study it, having passed it a thousand times and never identified it as having particular historical and architectural significance.   The reason for its importance is owing to the fact that it dates to the time of the third Earl of Burlington’s development of the streets on the land to the north of Burlington House, including Old Burlington Street, Savile Row (named after his wife) and Cork Street (his secondary title).   The Scottish architect, Colen Campbell, who had been responsible for the publication of Vitruvius Britannicus in 1715, oversaw the design of the first houses to be built, which included 31-34, Old Burlington Street, between 1718 and 1723, and no. 31 was lived in during the 1720s by the waspish Lord Hervey and, from 1730, by Stephen Fox, later Lord Ilchester.   It is apparently still owned by Fox’s descendants:



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