In and Out Club

Every so often I go past the old In and Out Club to check that it’s still unrestored.   It’s on the north side of Piccadilly, just west of Half Moon Street.   It was built in 1756 by Matthew Brettingham for Charles Wyndham, second Earl of Egremont, a smart and smooth politician who died of over-eating in 1763 (shortly before his death he commented that he had ‘three turtle dinners to come, and if I survive them I shall be immortal’).   In the 1820s, the house was owned by the Marquess of Cholmondeley and was known as Cholmondeley House and then in 1829 was taken over by the Duke of Cambridge and was known as Cambridge House.   After being owned by Lord Palmerston, it was bought by the Naval and Military Club, always known as the In and Out because of the signs on the entrance gates:-



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