Barbican (1)

In honour of Otto’s recently published text on the history of the Barbican, we went to see the exhibition of architectural photography and the accompanying small display about Chamberlin, Powell and Bon.   Coming out of the exhibition, the architecture of the Barbican looked straight out of one of the displays:-







2 thoughts on “Barbican (1)

  1. mark fisher says:

    Dear Charles

    Your blogs over Christmas have been a continual delight. Please can you make it a Resolution for the New Year to bring them all together in book form : together they are a wonderful extension of Pevsner – wide-ranging, personal, beautifully observed – everything that Pevsner, brilliant and invaluable though he is, is NOT.

    Have you got a good agent? Have you spoken to publishers? Bloomsbury ? Thames and Hudson ? (Have you seen the delightful looking new book that they’ve produced by Martin Gayford and Montebello – discursive thoughts and musings ?).

    How impressive of Otto. Isn’t it lovely when our children start to do such impressive things? Did you know that Minoo is writing the official biography of Steven Runciman ?

    Happy New Year.


    PS Romilly’s earrings were a huge success with Gillie. She’ll wear them to show you both at the next appropriate RA event. Please pass on her pleasure to Romilly.

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