Hackney Road

Pevsner (or, more likely, Bridget Cherry) is dismissive of Hackney Road, but it has good examples of early Victorian terrace housing on the north side, surprisingly grand for the neighbourhood, which at the time was beginning its slide into slumdom:-





I like the nicely jokey Blue House designed for himself by Sean Griffiths of the now deceased FAT in homage to Bob Venturi.   It’s in Garner Street, just off the Hackney Road:-



Then, there’s a magnificent piece of surviving industrial lettering incised into a side wall:-




2 thoughts on “Hackney Road

  1. Jocelyn says:

    Dear Charles,

    I truly appreciate all the interesting photos and places you’ve shared this week. I’ve taken liberties with the next to last photo on Dec. 30th of Mile End Park, and cropped out the high rise buildings on the right side plus eliminated the orange dot diagonally opposite towards the lower left. The result has yielded a composition with all lines, nature and man made, converging in one vanishing point. It is an excellent photograph. Thank you for your efforts.

    All the best,

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