St. Paul, Shadwell

St. Paul, Shadwell lurks beyond the high wall of the old London dock across Shadwell Basin, one of the first of the Commissioners’s churches, designed by John Walters, who died in 1821, the year after the church opened, aged 39.    It replaced what was known as the Church of Sea Captains and was described in Walters’s obituary in the Gentleman’s Magazine as ‘simply neat, and elegantly chaste’:




Just west of the church are surviving dock cottages, a reminder of what Shadwell once was:-



3 thoughts on “St. Paul, Shadwell

  1. Margaret Swinburne says:

    RE #1 DOCK COTTAGE: You might be interested:
    I was probably the last baby born in #1 Dock Cottage. My grandfather John (Jack) Matthews works for the Port of London. Authorities. My parents lived in Chadwell Heath, Essex, but my mother was visiting her parents when I decided to arrive on the 5th September 1940 during the blitz. I was born in the upstairs front bedroom and was almost immediately taken along with my mother and grandmother to the church crypt, for safety. For many years I would visit my grandparents and have many memories of the cottage. My uncle (mother’s brother) John Matthews R.N. lived on at the house after their death and until his own demise. In 1973 I moved from the UK with my engineer husband to Victoria, B.C. Canada and again to Ajijic, Mexico four years ago. During the war my father served as a fireman on the water barges -Thames Division and was never very far from the cottage.

    Sincerely, Margaret Swinburne nee Nicholson.

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