I have been alerted to anxieties round the fate of Spiegelhalter’s, the small jewellery store, which resisted the blandishments of Wickham’s, the neighbouring department store, to sell up and so Wickham’s simply constructed its grand 1927 neoclassical façade round it.   In the 1960s, this was celebrated by Ian Nairn as a ‘triumph for the little man, the blokes who won’t conform.   May he stay there till the bomb falls’.   Now, the bomb may be about to fall and what little survives of Spiegelhalter’s replaced by a glass atrium.   It can’t be listed because it’s of no obvious architectural importance (and Wickham’s itself hasn’t been listed despite its significance as a building type), so there is pressure instead to persuade Tower Hamlets to resist any such plans.   There is a form to sign online.




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