Late Rembrandt

I slipped into an early morning viewing of Rembrandt:The Late Works, really only to be able to commune with a small number of the greatest works before they return home:  the extraordinary Conspiracy of the Batavians under Claudius Civilis which is owned by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Sweden, but lent to the Nationalmuseum;  The Syndics, of course, from the Rijksmuseum;  the two portraits from the National Gallery in Washington, acquired, I note, in 1942 (there is detailed information about the provenance of these and other paintings online in order to make clear their immunity from seizure);  the astonishing Jacob blessing the Sons of Joseph from Kassel where I have never been;  and what is presumed to be his last work, Simeon with the Infant Christ in the Temple, also from Stockholm, so profound even if, or perhaps because, unfinished.   As rich an exhibition as I’ve seen in a long while.


One thought on “Late Rembrandt

  1. David French says:

    And also a wonderful selection of his smaller works, in their own way just as powerful in in their detail and precision, if less dramatic. Indeed a very memorable exhibition.

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