22 Old Bond Street

One of the unexpected consequences of writing this blog is that it has made me pay more attention to buildings which I would otherwise pass by.   So it was that yesterday I realised how fine the façade of 22, Old Bond Street is, which I have walked past a thousand times without noticing.   Pevsner thinks it likely to be by William Flockhart, who worked for Ricketts and Shannon and whose office was at 27a.   He describes it as ‘outrageously lush’.   But a bit of lushness cheers up a winter’s afternoon.   By chance, David Rosen was there and told me that when he first knew it, it was the office of Hubert Givenchy:-






2 thoughts on “22 Old Bond Street

  1. Stephen Conrad says:

    21 Old Bond Street had, I seem to recall from a photograph I once saw, exactly the same front as 22 and was, as I am sure you know, until the First World War, the home of Duveen Brothers. It always seems to me a shame that the two buildings could not have survived together, and the replacement of 21 with a boring modern facade is regrettable. 21 apparently had a rear courtyard, if Edward Fowles’ memoirs are to be believed, and I guess it must have been accessible through an alleyway between the two buildings, now long gone.

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