We went to Monteverdi’s Orfeo at the Roundhouse last night.   I realised how shamefully ignorant I am of Monteverdi’s music, so much earlier than the majority of the classical repertory, hovering between the sacred and the secular, the sacramental and theatre, working in Mantua, then Venice, and writing Orfeo in 1607, before Shakespeare’s Tempest, for the Carnival in Mantua.   There was a huge audience for it.   It was intense, highly dramatic, Orfeo ending up dangling from a trapeze, and brilliantly performed.


2 thoughts on “Orfeo

  1. Paul Boucher says:

    Nicolas Lanier, who became first Master of the King’s Music, knew Monteverdi and imported his musical style to England, (along with a good number of paintings for Charles I) paving the way for Purcell…

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