I have often wondered where Ratcliff is, apart from Ratcliff Highway, and this morning spotted a sign set into the wall on Salmon Lane (once Sermon Lane) by the junction to Barnes Street, which demarcates the parish boundary;-


This is some of the nearby housing in Aston Street:-


And White Horse Road:-






4 thoughts on “Ratcliff

  1. pbmum says:

    Your third photograph shows the tower block which I lived in from the age of 6 months to 16 yrs (at which point Tower Hamlets council decided that families – who so desired – should be rehoused to low-rise living). In fact I can spot my bedroom window because we lived on the second floor from the top. On the top floor lived the Communist dockers leader Jack Dash who was forever urging me ‘to get yourself an education and serve your class’. I did get a PhD but am not sure that he’d see me as having achieved the latter!

    Best wishes,


  2. pbmum says:

    That’s right. My parents were thrilled to be rehoused there from Stephen and Matilda House in St Katharine’s Dock at Christmas 1963. All mod cons including underfloor heating. We lived there happily for many years. I have very clear memories of people helping each other out during the power cuts of the three day week and for big occasions like weddings and funerals when lifts were specially cleaned by neighbours. However there came a point at which the council decided to stop employing a porter and vandalism and anti social behaviour became an everyday occurrence. When the council began to move in students from the London Hospital who liked to party and didn’t have the same sense of ownership of the building my parents agreed to rehousing in a low rise estate near the Troxy.

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