Sidney Hutchison

Every year, the Royal Academy has an event to celebrate the memory of Sidney Hutchison.   Not Reynolds, or Chambers or any of the founding fathers.   Not Lord Leighton or Francis Chantrey or J.M.W. Turner.   Not Hugh Casson or Roger de Grey who helped to reinvent it.   Only Sidney Hutchison is routinely commemorated for his fifty two years service, joining as a junior clerk in 1929, apparently thinking it was the Royal Academy of Music, serving in the Royal Navy in the war, returning to the Academy as its librarian in 1949, becoming Exhibitions Secretary in 1955, Secretary from 1968 to 1982, and ending up as Honorary Archivist and Antiquary, publishing its history in the year of its bicentenary in 1968.


One thought on “Sidney Hutchison

  1. Carola Zogolovitch says:

    Sidney Hutchison certainly should be remembered and celebrated. He was a living resource of RA history, memory and experience. And the nicest possible man.

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