Western Morning News

Two people have talked to me in the last week about the plan by the Daily Mail Trust to tear down Nick Grimshaw’s beautiful, spiky, nautical building which he designed for the Western Morning News in Plymouth in 1994.   It obviously has problems in terms of current planning policy because the Lloyds Building in the City is the only recent building to have been Grade 1 listed.   But it seems a pity if a building of such obvious quality should be demolished.   Perhaps the Sunday Mail could launch a campaign to persuade Ed Vaizey to list it.


4 thoughts on “Western Morning News

  1. mark fisher says:


    Shouldn’t / couldn’t the RA give a lead and propose that the Western Morning News should be listed ?

    I didn’t want to post this as a comment on your blog in case there is a reason that the RA cannot be seen to take the lead on this. But, bearing in mind the feebleness of the response to saving the Epstein sculptures , should not you and Christopher take such a lead ?

    I’m sure it would solicit a good response and show the RA in appositive light, and might head off any attempt to threaten his wonderful Waterloo Station platform ?


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