Stuart and Revett

The last of my posts about visitors to Delos concerns James ‘Athenian’ Stuart and Nicholas Revett, who were commissioned by the Society of Dilettanti to record Greek antiquities and visited Delos in 1754.   In the third volume of their Antiquities of Athens, not published till 1794 (the first volume had appeared in 1762) they recorded how ‘No contrast can be more striking than that which exists between the descriptions of the Sacred Isle in its ancient state, and the miserable aspect of barrenness and dilapidation which it actually presents.   Delos, the mythologic birth-place of Apollo and Diana, was enriched by commerce and superstition;  temples and consecrated monuments adorned its rugged and unproductive surface;  and so awful was its sanctity, that even the Persian ravager respected the hallowed soil.   Of all this, nothing now remains but an indiscriminate wreck…’   They published drawings of the Temple of Apollo and Revett based both the east portico of Standlych, Wiltshire and his church at Ayot St. Lawrence on it.


4 thoughts on “Stuart and Revett

  1. Sarah Papineau says:

    I shall miss the blue skies of Delos. Thank you , Charles and Romilly, for taking us blog readers with you on this heavenly journey – your photos were
    more and more stunning each day . Sarah P

  2. Just to say that I too have adored every single one of your posts from Delos. I was there for a few hours only in, um, 1981 and it looks pretty much the same but I was mesmerised then, and still am. I loved your photo of a rugged bit of marble in that deliciously basic museum just catching a shaft of sunlight through the ‘prison’ bars. Christian xx

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