Angelica Kauffman RA

The prospect of being interviewed by Swiss Public Radio tomorrow about the life and significance of Angelica Kauffman has compelled me to find a bit more about her than I knew already.   What I hadn’t realised was what a huge celebrity she was from an early age across Europe.   The toast of Rome, a member of the academies in Florence, Bologna, Rome and Venice, musical as well as artistic, fluent in English, French, Italian and German, she was persuaded to come to London in 1766 by Lady Wentworth, the wife of the British resident in Venice.   In London, she was admired (maybe loved) by Reynolds, married a bigamist, elected one of the first RAs, and was one of the five artists selected to decorate the interior of St. Paul’s Cathedral.   She was a star !   And when she died, her funeral was organised by Canova and all of Rome turned out in procession.


2 thoughts on “Angelica Kauffman RA

  1. mark fisher says:

    Thanks, Charles. That was all news to me, What an amazing woman.!

    I feel very non-plussed that I’ve looked at her paintings many times and oft and have never bothered to find out about her as a person. Thank you very much.


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