Street Design (2)

Yesterday I made unexpectedly good progress in my efforts to understand what makes good street design.   Because he was in London as an external examiner at the Architectural Association, I was able to meet Vittorio Lampugnani, the designer of Novartis in Basel, and pick his brains over lunch in Bedford Square.   He confirmed that there is not much literature on the subject until his own book is published next year.   Meanwhile, he has published Urban Design as craft:  Eleven conversations and seven projects 1999-2011.   His teaching is eminently straightforward.   Good street design depends on paying attention to it, treating streets as central to the experience of the city, being attentive to the benefits of repetition, and using the best quality materials instead of tarmac.   The only problem is that we do none of these things.


2 thoughts on “Street Design (2)

  1. Mark Fisher says:

    Where does transport fit into Lampugnani’s thinking? The balance between transport and pedestrians. I look forward to reading the Eleven Conversations. Thank you for alerting me. It’s thinking that barely penetrates debate about living n cities in this country.

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