Breakfast at the Ritz

It’s a long while since I’ve had breakfast at the Ritz where we used to conduct a lot of business when I was at the NPG.   We were choosing the winners of this year’s Mayfair Awards.   I’m not the best person to choose a jeweller and am sadly unable to distinguish the qualities of the Savile Row tailors, but enjoyed the opportunity to find out about new pop-up coffee shops.   Underlying a lot of the discussion was the distinction between new Mayfair – the many new shops which have opened in the last year – and the old Mayfair of grand hotels, auction houses and gun shops.   Sad to hear that Dover Street Market may be moving out:-



4 thoughts on “Breakfast at the Ritz

  1. Some years ago, on our way to see Barbara Broccoli, the producer of the Bond movies, I went with two German colleagues to have breakfast at the Ritz and was turned away on the grounds that my incredulous colleagues were not wearing ties. Nor did the Ritz – unlike the old-style Doric in Edinburgh- keep a stock of ties and linen jackets to offer their inadequately-attired supplicant guests

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