R.S. Thomas

In the intervals of walking the Llyn Peninsula, I have been reading Byron Rogers’s spectacularly and oddly critical, whilst also possibly subtly reverential, biography of R.S. Thomas, The Man who went into the West, which I bought in the post office at Aberdaron.   It presents Thomas as a self-invented, self-obsessed, ruthless loner, seen through the eyes of his son Gwyddion.   But much of what is presented as evidence against him – the punctuality of mealtimes, the tendency to silence, the hostility to modernisation, the rigorous self-discipline – don’t strike me as symptoms of eccentricity, merely the characteristics of normal middle-class life in the post-war period.


One thought on “R.S. Thomas

  1. mark fisher says:

    Dear Charles

    Definitely a personal response to your R. S. Thomas blog ,

    Have I mentioned to you that the view from LowBrow is looking West to Chirk and Llangollen, Thomas’s first parish when ordained ?

    He is a fine, unyielding poet.

    Have I sent you my LOWBROW LANDSCAPE, which is a rather gentler view of this landscape ?

    So looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.


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