Several people have said to me that, now that I am working in Blackfriars, the best place to have lunch is Sweeting’s.   It first opened in 1889, as someone remarked the year that Hitler was born.   I was invited there today by John Morton Morris whose father had always promised to take him there when he was a child, but always took him to Sheekeys or Simpson-in-the-Strand instead.   You have to be there by noon to get a table.   Then black velvet, smoked eel and fish pie.   A perfect meal to ease the return to London:-







One thought on “Sweeting’s

  1. Yes, Sweeting’s is fabulous, and something of a haven in an increasingly anodyne part of the City. I used to meet a friend who worked at the Express there, after is moved to Blackfriars. I’m sure Bloomberg staff will enjoy it when it’s new HQ opens nearby.

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