Somers Town

Until yesterday I wasn’t really familiar with the area known as Somers Town, which was called after Charles Cocks, Lord Somers, and was developed during the 1780s to the north of the so-called New Road (now the Euston Road) and south of the Regent’s Canal.   Once an area of market gardens, it was originally a middle class neighbourhood, but went rapidly downhill when the big railway termini arrived, together with the Irish navvies required to build them.   Now it’s an area of social housing, where life expectancy is apparently ten years less than in Hampstead:-



4 thoughts on “Somers Town

  1. Rod Harper (husband of Sra Feilden - if you remember her) says:

    I guess that statistic will change over the next 10 years or so as apart from the fact that some may sell their flats – they must be worth mega bucks- the whole area looks better and better by the year I used to think twice before cycling thro but , no more . The situation is exemplified by the local school now – pretentiously ? named Regent , but which was a bit of a sink , but after zillions spent in it has vastly improved . The northern end if the area has some original Georgian terraces and some of the flats have lovely embellishments. Did you go in the Somers Town Tavern – very middle class and mighty pleasant .Rod

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