Carnet de Voyage

We celebrated the start of building work in Burlington Gardens last week with a performance tonight by the two person performance group, Carnet de Voyage.   I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.   It was a combination of classical music, piano and jazz, arranged and performed by Rosey Chan and Mimi Xu to a backdrop of short films by Mike Figgis, who also played the trumpet.   The idea was to demonstrate that it is possible to devise new conventions in performance and the relationship between the arts and that anything is possible in the new building.


3 thoughts on “Carnet de Voyage

  1. It sounds wonderful. And is just the sort of thing that David Chipperfield’s new space will be invaluable for, in addition to Debates / Discussions etc.

    Mike Figgis is a very fine director.

  2. Susie Allen says:

    Loved the performance a brilliant idea and really unusual find many – congratulations. Lovely to see the RA at the forefront and a great way to launch next phase.

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