Tower Bridge

I walked along the Thames towpath from Blackfriars to the Design Museum.   I was struck by the clarity of the night, the way every building is lit up except St. Paul’s, remembering the development of Butler’s Wharf and Shad Thames in the 1980s, when the Design Museum first opened in 1989 and Pont de la Tour was the height of fashionability.   At some point, there are steps down to the river and one can contemplate Tower Bridge in the night sky:-





5 thoughts on “Tower Bridge

  1. Yes – it changed everything! Norman Ackroyd told me that he used to go for a run along the river during the Eighties and pick up fresh bread from Pont de la Tour bakery, when it first opened – the only bakery for miles around!

  2. The outside is indeed fine, but it’s even better within, and stuffed with excellent RAs – Richard Rogers, Norman Foster, Piers Gough and a massive Paolozzi, INVENZIONI.

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