Bleeding Heart Yard

I had lunch in Bleeding Heart Yard, a small courtyard just behind Hatton Garden and originally behind the stable block of Hatton House.   It is famous – or infamous – as the site of the murder of Lady Elizabeth Hatton in 1626.   She left a party with the Spanish ambassador and the following morning her body was discovered in Bleeding Heart Yard with her body torn apart, but her heart still pumping blood onto the cobbles:-



2 thoughts on “Bleeding Heart Yard

  1. Print makers among your readers will remember Lawrence’s of Bleeding Heart Yard in the 70’s where you went up rickety wooden steps to an alladin’s cave of Etching materials, hand made paper, end grain wood blocks for wood engraving etc. Trembling Art students had to brave the scorn of old Mr. Lawrence who appeared reluctant to sell them anything at all. The catalogue was illustrated with wood engravings of hand rollers, burins and brushes. Prices between 1971 and 1981 seem to have risen by about 10 times. Antony Dufort

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