November Sun

On a bleak November Sunday, I am posting views of the way the November sun lit up the unrestored wall of our dining room yesterday.   The wall was left when we restored the house and dates back to the years when it was a Victorian carriage works and possibly earlier to when it was built and covered in some form of textile, of which fragments survive round the nails.   The photographs were taken in Sherbrooke Village in Nova Scotia where a photographer replicated the technique of Victorian studio photography.   Is it tin type ?




The sun also lit up the flowers from the night before:-




3 thoughts on “November Sun

  1. pbmum says:

    I bet Tif Hunter of Bermondsey would know the process by which your Nova Scotia photographs were taken. We saw an exhibition at his studio three years ago (I can date it as my daughter had a broken arm at the time). Worth seeking out.


    • Dear Joan, Yes, you’re right. He would know. He did the amazing photographs for one of Toast’s recent catalogues (or maybe it was just the men). I was told the technique was now illegal because of the chemicals it uses. Charles

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