Edmund de Waal (4)

I spent the second half of the afternoon going round Edmund de Waal’s exhibition in the RA Library with Edmund himself.   It inevitably makes one look and pay attention to the objects differently if one is told how and why they have been chosen:  the elephant folio;  the Cy Twombly sculpture which I had not noticed previously and about which he was lecturing at Tate Britain last night;  the Rachel Whiteread;  Turner’s beautiful ceramic palette;  and the Renaissance bust which is the only record of a bust destroyed in Berlin in the war.   What is nice is the sense of a treasure hunt in the shelves, guided by his pleasure in the private world of the library and lent artefacts.


One thought on “Edmund de Waal (4)

  1. De Waal is someone with a SERIOUSLY deep and wide HINTERLAND : as rooted in poetry as in art. Anyone reading this who hasn’t read his latest book, THE WHITE ROAD, go and read it immediately.

    The only question us, how can Academicians be persuaded to elect him an RA ?

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