Dean Street

My last formal meeting of the year was held in the new Soho House for a change (I am not a member).   It gave me a chance to check that the last remaining rococo shopfront, dating from 1791, remains intact on a stationers and newsagents at No.88, Dean Street:-




There are a couple of other nice door surrounds down the street:-



Soho House itself occupies a building of the 1730s, first owned by the seventh Earl of Abercorn, who wrote about magnetism.   There is an unexpected mural painting on the staircase by an eighteenth-century theatrical painter called John Devoto.   It looks as if it might be by Rex Whistler:-




People are complaining about Soho being poshed up, but Dean Street still looked nicely scruffy.


8 thoughts on “Dean Street

  1. It seems a good moment to thank you for all the Blogs this year. Your eye for architectural detail is unerring, as Soho House today demonstrates. I do hope that they will be collected in book form (surely there’s a publisher out there who would see its potential ?) You have picked up on so many buildings that Pevsner, for all his brilliance, missed out, and there are your photographs – a skill that Pevsner never had.

    So, THANK YOU : you’ve pulled back the curtains on so much of this amazing city.

    • Dear Mark, You are kind and generous as ever and I have really appreciated the regularity and thoughtfulness of all your comments. I have not forgotten the idea of publication and am working on it, but very slowly. Charles

  2. I, too, thank you for your blog, with mercifully short entries and good photos, from varied perambulations, that bridge the distance from Los Angeles to London.

    We have bought a flat in FitzGeorge St in West Kensington in a mansion block designed by Delissa Joseph in 1901. He was controversial in advocating for tall buildings (five or six floors). He was Jewish and he and his uncle were noted synagogue builders.


  3. Leslie Tobin Bacon says:

    after reading your blog, I thought I would send you a year end thank you — only to find I had been beaten to it! I love your exploration of the city and the myriad elements that make up it’s unique style and feel—and for sending me to new undiscovered corners. I also enjoyed your discovery of trees in the landscapes and thank you for allowing me to experience that joy with you. Finally to say how much I admire your boundless energy. After a long day, and an evening, too, you still find the time and energy to write about your experiences. Thank you Charles, please keep it coming. Leslie

    • Dear Leslie, I am very touched by your comments. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t enjoy it. I like to think it’s made me more observant and pay attention to the small things in life and landscape. Happy Christmas ! Charles

  4. Jane Wainwright says:

    I too would like to join the others in their appreciation of your postings. Interesting mix and attention to detail. Familiar and new. Your photos are a delight and often a surprise. Look forward to the book!
    Best Christmas wishes to you and your family.

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