The early 1980s

I have spent the day reading Andy Beckett’s very lively analysis of the early 1980s, Promised You a Miracle UK80-82, my Christmas present from Otto.   I find it odd to read an analysis of a period I lived through.   Some of it is familiar:  Chariots of Fire;  the success of Brideshead Revisited;  Greenham Common;  the Royal Wedding;  the Sloane Ranger Handbook;  the New Romantics;  the rise of individualism;  the Right to Buy;  the invasion of the Falklands.   But I don’t remember anyone being especially worried about the threat of nuclear war.   What I remember most vividly was sitting in south London watching the 1979 election and two friends describing, extremely cogently and much to my surprise, why they hoped that Thatcher would win.  


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