LDDC (2)

I learned more about the early history of the LDDC from Gregory Penoyre who was employed by the LDDC straight out of Sheffield School of Architecture as an architectural designer.   He worked under Ted Hollamby, the ex-communist and owner of the Red House, who had been recruited as Chief Architect from Lambeth Borough Council, and alongside Gordon Cullen, the great proponent of townscape who liked to conduct meetings in pubs.   I remember Greg saying that he was employed to draw ley lines connecting the Mudchute to the tower of St. Anne’s Limehouse (this was before the publication of Peter Ackroyd’s Hawksmoor), but he denies this.


One thought on “LDDC (2)

  1. Greg Penoyre says:

    There was indeed an interest, perhaps more in axes than ley lines, to explore their potential impacts on a new urban structure and grain for the Isle of Dogs. That one was the Greenwich axis, General Wolfe, Queens House etc which mysteriously also takes in St Anne’s Limehouse. All quite unnecessary of course as the West India and Millwall Docks themselves provided all the structure a new urban design could wish for. Rather a lot has happened there since!

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