Sainsbury Centre (2)

I remember someone being faintly dismissive of the way that the Sainsbury Centre decontextualises objects by the randomness of its displays, treating them indiscriminately as if they belong to the same visual language.   But I like and find it refreshing to be made to look, not quite sure if an object is two millennia old or from the last century and whether it is Mexican, Inuit or Hindu.

This century breast ornament is from Santa Cruz:-


A Mesopotamian votive figure:-


A Mexican head:-


A neck pendant from New Ireland:-


And a piece from Romilly’s exhibition:-



2 thoughts on “Sainsbury Centre (2)

  1. As Gombrich and Read and others have noted, our visual language – the shapes that we make that please our eyes – has a visual consistency (particularly in three dimensions) – that runs from Acheulian hand axes of 200,000 years ago through Neolithic jade axes to Standing Stones and to the sculptures of Barbara Hepworth , and from Neolithic jewellery through to what Romilly is making today.

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