Everything We Touch (4)

Several people asked me to publish the full photograph of the small display of the detritus of my life mounted at the Design Museum before Christmas.   It has now just arrived and I am posting it accordingly, in spite of the realisation that these things are unconsciously revealing, not just the marmite pot and the blue braces, but the vest from a company which is now defunct, all so immaculately laid out for the archaeologists of the future:-




5 thoughts on “Everything We Touch (4)

  1. Christopher Nevile says:

    SO elegant and So revealing.
    Of course the pressing question is why you were using coal tongs and yet collecting logs for the fire…?
    Were the logs for ANOTHER fire?
    Were the tongs part of a life-size game of Cluedo?
    there is also the matter of the absent toothbrush…..
    It would make a splendid book.

    • Good question. The poker and the logs were last minute additions. I was meant to include everything I had touched in the course of the day and I had indeed touched the logs and the poker. Also, the log basket. But the log basket was dropped as too bulky, which demontrates that, like many things in life, there is an artfulness in the selection. Are you sure there’s no toothbrush ? Charles

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