Annie Swynnerton (2)

I have been trying to find out a bit more about Annie Swynnerton who seems to me worthy of record.   There is almost no information in the archive except a little note from her to George Clausen in 1922 ‘anxious for news’.   She was described as ‘a talented artist and an accomplished woman, though scarcely one of whom it could be said she possessed a charm of manner.   Indeed, by maintaining the courage of her convictions she was at times embarrassingly outspoken’.   She lived in Rome after her marriage to Frank Swynnerton in 1880 till his death in 1910.   Interestingly, she painted Henry James in 1922.   It was Sargent’s portrait of Henry James which had been slashed in the Summer Exhibition of 1914.   Laura Knight met her at the end of her life on Hayling Island.   She died in 1933.


2 thoughts on “Annie Swynnerton (2)

  1. Most of her paintings, in Manchester, Birmingham, Aberdeen, are landscapes, with an occasional portrait. Once Burlington Gardens is open, might there be a case for a small exhibition of early 20th century Women RAs , culminating in Laura Knight and Dod Proctor ?

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