Fairlight Hall

We sped through the foggy Sussex countryside to attend a morning concert by Garam Cho, a young Korean concert pianist who came second in last year’s Hastings’ International Piano Concerto Competition.   She played Bach, Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Liszt.   The concert was held in Fairlight Hall, a large Victorian castle in the hills east of Hastings, designed by John Crake, a pupil of Decimus Burton.   The original owner was William Drew Lucas Shadwell, born Drew, who took his uncle’s name on inheriting his fortune (his uncle had developed Hastings, including its racecourse).   His wife Florentia was fiercely devout and wrote evangelical novellas for the Religious Tract Society.   The estate was alcohol-free.   But William turned to Catholicism and died in Florence en route to Rome:-





One thought on “Fairlight Hall

  1. I was unaware of Drew Shadwell, Fairlight Hall (although I go down to Hastings regularly as my elder daughter lives near there) or Garam Cho – a full house of Ignorance. Thank you.

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