Bond Street Development

I went to a small exhibition held in the foyer of Bonham’s to show the plans for the redevelopment of Bond Street.   These have been drawn up by Publica under the auspices of the New West End Company and look well judged – reducing the number of traffic lanes (at the moment, it’s a three-lane highway) broadening the pavements, renewing the paving stones and creating a town square at the junction of Burlington Gardens outside Ralph Lauren.   I just hope the scheme can be extended to include the grid of streets laid out and developed by Lord Burlington in the 1720s, including Cork Street, Clifford Street and Savile Row.


2 thoughts on “Bond Street Development

  1. Publica are an outstandingly good architectural practice led by Lucy Musgrave, Richard Rogers’s daughter in law. They have only been going for five years and have already established a reputation for excellence and for imaginative schemes.

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