Jubilee Street

I was looking up some information about Jubilee Street and was intrigued to discover its revolutionary associations.   Stalin, then known as Joseph Dzhughashvili, stayed at 77, Jubilee Street in May 1907 when he came to London to attend the 5th RSDLP congress, after initially lodging in a local doss house in Fieldgate Street.   He was fed toffees by a young boy called Arthur Bacon who later became a hospital orderly, knew him as Mr. Ivanovich, and always remembered his big bushy moustache.   Stalin accidentally paid him half a crown to run errands instead of a halfpenny which was the more normal rate.   Meanwhile, Lenin was having tea at the worker’s club up the street at no. 165.   But Lenin preferred to lodge not in Stepney with his fellow revolutionaries, but in Bloomsbury to be close to the British Museum.


3 thoughts on “Jubilee Street

  1. pbmum says:

    Off topic but hoping you are enjoying – as I know you did in an earlier year from your blog – the Polish tradition of Fat Thursday. We have been to Stratford’s finest Polish eatery/deli, Londek (conveniently situated at the bottom of our road) to get our cheese and jam doughnuts. Wouldn’t have remembered to do this except for the prompting of my Polish dental hygienist this morning. Londek also do doughnuts filled with advocaat.


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