Rose Wylie RA

We went down to Margate yesterday to hear Rose Wylie be interviewed by Alastair Sooke.   She has had a remarkable career.   Born in 1934 (of course, he was not so ungallant as to reveal this), the seventh child of the Director of Ordnance in India and granddaughter of James Hamilton Wylie, historian of the late middle ages, she went to Folkestone School of Art and – I think she said – Goldsmith’s, where she met her husband Roy Oxlade, also a painter.   She married aged 23, had three children and then went to the Royal College of Art in her late 40s (this to me is the most unusual thing about her career).   I first saw her work in the 1990s when she was represented by Stephen Lacey.   But it is only in the last few years that she has become famous, following a solo exhibition at the Jerwood Gallery in 2012.   She was elected as a Senior RA last year.


2 thoughts on “Rose Wylie RA

  1. rose wylie says:

    dear Charles, hullo, does this help… my father was the Director of Ordanance for India,,,a civilian in an army position: his boss was the india office,or foreign office, (not sure which), not the army, and nothing to do with the welsh fusileers. (His father was James Hamilton wylie, MA, Litt.D…definitive author of vols on Henry V and Ford’s Lecturer in the university of Oxford. He, with Matthew Arnold, started free education for all children. But I didn’t mention the grandfather bit).
    Anyway, i was v pleased to see you at the talk, and hope you saw the ptgs. rose

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