Rosario Gagliardi

I realise that we have seen nearly the entire oeuvre of Rosario Gagliardi in the last few days.   He was born in Syracuse, worked as a carpenter with his father in the years immediately following the 1693 earthquake, trained with the Jesuits in Palermo, but from 1712 worked mainly in Noto, where he became municipal architect giving him some level of oversight over work in the city as a whole.   He is documented as ‘M. Rosario ingeniero’ when working on S. Salvatore in Mòdica in 1723.   In Noto, he is said to have benefitted from membership of its academy and access to various private libraries, but there is no evidence that he travelled outside Sicily.   In 1762, he appointed Vincenzo Sinatra, his nephew, as his successor and since there is no further documentary mention of him, it’s assumed that this was the year of his death.

What then are the characteristics of his style ?  Grand curved façades.   A certain freedom in the use of architectural form.   Elaborate oversize spiral volutes.   Tiered composition.   Great sculptural complexity.   An original.


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