St. Anne, Limehouse

I went this morning to have a look at St. Anne, Limehouse.   I occasionally do, to restore my faith in humanity and architecture.   I discovered they now keep the gates to the churchyard locked except for church services.   Of course, I understand why.   When we lived next door, there were always a few murders on Saturday nights.   But as I used to walk through the churchyard every morning of my life en route to the Docklands Light Railway, I felt a slight frisson of sadness and am posting pictures of what the church looks like from outside the gates:-






4 thoughts on “St. Anne, Limehouse

  1. marinavaizey says:

    When I first lived in London, our back door wasn’t locked, nor the door into the garden—fifty years ago, and all churches were open. I enjoy your tours of London and further afield.

  2. I enjoy these glimpses of your part of the world, and particularly this post, which has both murders and one of my favorite words, “frisson,” in it. Have you thought about doing an instagram feed with a photo and short commentary like this? There are a number of quite successful feeds based on personal views of art or fashion history, for example.

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