Painting the Modern Garden

At lunchtime, we had a lecture in which I learned much that I didn’t know about Monet:  that he tricked the authorities into allowing him to construct a large lily pond by pretending that it was going to be a swimming pool;  and that he had a state funeral in which Clemenceau whipped the black awning off his coffin outside the Madeleine on the grounds that black was an inappropriate colour for him.   Then tonight I went to what may be a last visit to Painting the Modern Garden.  The party included at least two ardent and knowledgeable horticulturalists, so the discussion was not so much about the quality of the art as the particular species of rose depicted, the extent of the influence of Gertrude Jekyll, and the glories of Emil Nolde’s garden in Seebüll, in Schleswig-Holstein just south of the German border.   I found it curiously refreshing – and in the spirit of the exhibition – to look at Monet not for his handling of paint, but how accurately he painted lilies.


One thought on “Painting the Modern Garden

  1. pbmum says:

    Garden centres and other plant suppliers must be loving this exhibition. I can’t be the only person who came home from visiting it and put in an order for cactus dahlias!


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