Denmark Street

By chance, I found myself in the same neighbourhood tonight as last night because I went to see Eileen Cooper’s exhibition at Rook & Raven in Rathbone Place.   It was closed.   So, I took the opportunity of checking out how Denmark Street was faring under the strain of redevelopment.   I thought remarkably well:-




The only obvious change is that it now has a branch of Fernandez & Wells, designed by Carmody Groarke:-


Since the coffee machine had shut, I treated myself to a bottle of The Kernel’s Pale Ale (the best) and looked out of the window to survey the church of St. Giles-in-the-Fields, a print of which was given me as a leaving present from the V&A (they couldn’t afford St. Martin’s):-



On the other side of the street, Renzo Piano’s amazing, colourful project in Central St. Giles was looking good:-



3 thoughts on “Denmark Street

  1. Michael Ball says:

    As a professional musician the problem is that Denmark Street is now literally all front: the back half of the units on the north side have been shorn away, leaving the shops unable to properly display stock or allow trying out the instruments – several used to have soundproofed backrooms, but they’ve been lost. The decline in the offer is very evident.

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