St. Mary-of-Eton

I have several times admired the new housing development on either side of St. Mary-of-Eton, which is in no way deferential to Bodley’s 1892 original, but oddly enhances it by sandwiching it in between two exaggeratedly diapered brick blocks of flats.   The original church and surrounding buildings were designed for Eton’s mission to East London.   The new flats are purely commercial by Matthew Lloyd Architects and only completed last year:-








3 thoughts on “St. Mary-of-Eton

  1. pbmum says:

    We went in there some years ago on an Open House day when the parish was still trying to get the funding together to develop Matthew Lloyd’s scheme. It has been a great delight some years later to revisit the church and witness the evident pride of the church wardens and members of the congregation in the way that the scheme has turned out – especially the new spaces designed for use by the community. Matthew Lloyd does of course have form with church schemes having done such a great job in installing the tulip wood ark in St Paul’s Old Ford. And yesterday it was lovely to see the fruits of his work at the Royal Foundation of St Katharine with Bow Arts holding its open studios.


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