The French Hospital

Another big immigrant community was the Huguenots.   They established a hospital in Bath Street off City Road in November 1718.   By the mid-nineteenth century, it was dilapidated, so was moved to the green fields of Hackney where it re-opened in June 1865 in a French gothic building modelled on the Château de Chambord and designed by R.L. Roumieu.   It turned into a Convent School in 1949 and has recently been converted into a branch of Mossbourne Academy with a new building next door designed by Jestico + Whiles:-



2 thoughts on “The French Hospital

  1. The Huguenots are surely the classic example of the way that we have given refuge to people throughout our history, and hugely enriched our own culture by doing so – not least the great silversmiths : Pierre Platel, David Willaume. Pierre Harache, Paul de Lamerie, who established the skills and tradition that made British silver supreme. Worth remembering perhaps in this Referendum week.

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