Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson came last night to give the annual David Lean Lecture to the Royal Academy Schools, but in the Royal Institution (we await the completion of our lecture theatre).   He was in conversation with Tim Marlow.   It was a good combination, Tim gently goading, Eliasson intelligently resistant to provocation.   What came across was the extraordinary multifariousness of Eliasson’s practice – architecture, design, invention, public realm, ecology.   He talked about learning to draw in order to impress his divorced father, his championship break dancing, and his turn to art practice at the Copenhagen Academy of Fine Arts.   He came across as deeply thoughtful about the nature of, and absence of boundaries in, contemporary fine art practice.


One thought on “Olafur Eliasson

  1. Exactly the sort, and quality, of Debate that will be needed in the Chipperfield auditorium in Burlington Gardens, if the Academy is to recover its Leadership in the Visual Arts that Reynolds established in his Discources and which it has since lost.

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