Bethnal Green

I walked yesterday through unfamiliar bits of Bethnal Green in an attempt to take a half way decent photograph of the Brady Street Cemetery, which can only be done by poking a telephone through the gate and hoping that the lens is pointing on the right direction.

I started through the Collingwood Estate, which in most weathers would be a bit grim – big, standardised, neo-Georgian blocks laid out in the 1920s and 1930s by the LCC under G. Topham Forrest.   But it looked pretty good in the sun:-


Then the cemetery itself:-


Then a knacker’s yard in Tent Street:-


There’s an 1881 Board School in Somerford Street, designed by E.R. Robson and the site of the first LCC day nursery:-


A distant view of Christ Church, Spitalfields across the railway tracks:-


Another former Board School in Weaver’s Fields:-


I ended in the Boundary Estate before breakfast in the Paper & Cup:-




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