A decorated cowshed

The last of my weekend blogs is a picture of Stephen Taylor’s extension to a purely utilitarian cowshed, which adds a touch of monumentality to the structure.   It has apparently been criticised by modernists as being too pomo and by historicists as lacking any obvious historical detail, but to my eye its lineage seemed obvious, deriving from Laugier’s idea of a primitive hut through Boullée’s belief that columns can be a systematic language:  a clever and provocative use of abstract classicism to decorate a cowshed (with apologies to Bob Venturi):-



6 thoughts on “A decorated cowshed

  1. Christopher Nevile says:

    Have you seen the new Pyramid of “Ochre Aggregate” (aka Coursed Crushed Hardcore from a disused farm yard) at Doddington.Lincs.? It stands at the end of a mile long avenue and is very fine in an Agromantic manner.

    • No, I didn’t know about it, but have now looked it up online and agree that it probably belongs to the same tradition of a landowner with architectural interests playing with architectural ideas. Agromantic is a good way of describing it. Charles

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