Nicholas Serota

Talking of the influence of Cambridge on ways of thought, I went last night to a dinner to mark the fact that Nick Serota is getting a Cambridge honorary degree.   He was an undergraduate at Christ’s the year below Simon Schama (they had been to the same school), switched from economics to art history at a time when very few people studied the subject, and spoke of two formative influences:  the first was Jim Ede living in Kettle’s Yard and lending works of art to undergraduates to hang in their rooms (Serota borrowed a Gaudier-Brzeska);  and the second was Michael Jaffé who stood undergraduates in front of works of art in the Fitzwilliam and compelled them to talk about them.


One thought on “Nicholas Serota

  1. Yes, the Edes were wonderful, and endlessly generous to any undergraduate who showed an interest. They would have us to tea at Kettle’s Yard and, as you say, lend paintings. Remarkable !

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