Brexit (2)

Since I’ve discovered that I get far more readers for my comments on Brexit than I do for minor architectural features of the east end, I would add that one of the depressing aspects of travelling back from Derbyshire, as from Anglesey, is the way that the countryside is festooned with VOTE LEAVE placards, presumably because the farming community is implacably pro-Brexit in spite of the fact that they, more than anyone, have benefitted from EU subsidy;  and because, apparently, Remain has decided not to issue billboards, a potentially lethal mistake.


10 thoughts on “Brexit (2)

  1. Pamela Glasson Roberts says:

    Recently arrived in West Cornwall & have seen many “Leave” placards but also a few “Remain”. Staying in major fishing port, Newlyn, which I would expect might be “Leave” because of EU fishing quotas etc. but also a busy European export fishery selling excellent fish to Continental Europe who seem happy to pay more for excellent Cornish fish than the UK.

  2. I agree that it’s been an incomprehensible error by REMAIN not to issue billboards. I still think we will vote to Remain, but it will be uncomfortably close. But at the last moment (I hope) people will think hard about the realities of no longer being in the EU, notwithstanding its many imperfections. But we won’t correct those imperfections from outside the EU, but only by working with other EU countries, many of whom share our criticisms.

    The problems of Immigrants won’t go away and its only by cooperation with other EU countries that we will staunch the flow.

    Crucially I hope that people will pause and ask themselves why almost every international body (the OECD, the IMF) considers we would be MAD to leave the EU – a view shared by the Bank of England, most major employers in UK, and most former UK Prime Ministers of all Parties (most notably and persuasively, John Major). We should listen to them.

  3. Robert Clarke says:

    Dear Dr Saumarez Smith, my apologies for being one who has not commented on your observations and photos of architectural features, buildings and the environment generally. I think they are terrific – you have a very good eye. They are insightful, and brilliantly reveal a London and English countryside that is otherwise unnoticed. And I’m just an antipodean colonial! And I agree with the regular exhortation by Mr Fisher that there should be a book.

    Bob Clarke

  4. I would just say that not all of the farming community is implacably pro-Brexit, I speak as one who is still undecided. My brother and many farmers I know are Remain, not because of subsidies, I assure you that all farmers I know would love to get away from subsidies, they want to be able to farm and trade viably without them, but for many, many reasons its currently very hard indeed.
    If Remain had issued billboards his farm would have them up…
    The NFU (National farmers Union) actually support Remain
    Many farmers I know are still undecided but perhaps leaning towards Brexit, a lot of it is frustration, the current system just doesn’t work, land prices are astronomically high, input costs are soaring but farm gate sale prices are depressed, most dairy farmers are currently losing money and many are going out of business, it’s really hard for young people to get in to farming, so many feel that it’s worth the gamble, that anything is better than what we currently have.
    There is also a lot of Blame Culture, everything in farming is very wrapped up in red tape and legislation, it’s always referred to as “EU Red Tape” (even though if we were out we would probably still have it) so the underlining issues are always shifted to the “EU” (probably unfairly) hence the resentment. But your right British farmers do get subsidies, many of them rely upon them, so it’s a very tricky one for many of us..
    Stick with the status quo or take a gamble for a better future, for independence and a chance of change…

  5. Susie Blundell says:

    It is not so much the farming community where I live in the countryside but mostly the older retired population ( whose reading matter is the Daily Mail and or Telegraph) voting to leave who worry the country will be over-run with immigrants or that our foreign policy will be dictated by Turkey holding immigrants back. I think there is a belief too that we will return to some idyllic country. I wonder if anyone over 75 should be voting as they will be shaping the world for younger generations and not be around to see the longer term implications on the economy. I think it must be obvious where I stand!

  6. Jocelyn says:

    Just wanted to make sure you know that although you don’t receive comments daily, I’m sure I am among many who follow your blog daily and thoroughly enjoy ALL your postings on all subjects, especially those accompanied by your photographs.

    All the best,

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