Ditchling Museum

En route to Sussex, we stopped off at the Ditchling Museum, which we have shamefully never been to in spite of the fact that it has recently been very beautifully renovated by Adam Richards architects, skilfully maintaining its small-scale and vernacular character.   We would have liked twice the time to enjoy the collection, including a small exhibition of Edward Johnston’s typography.

The Museum:-



Bob and Roberta Smith’s display:-



Joseph Cribb’s Madonna and the Christ Child, 1927:-


Edward Johnston’s A Game for Learning Latin, 1916:-


Tools from Dunstan Pruden’s Workshop:-


Dunstan Pruden’s Casting of ‘Our Lady’:-



3 thoughts on “Ditchling Museum

  1. Hurray ! Honour to Edward Johnston, whose sans-serif calligraphy, most evident in London Underground, left a wonderful legacy in the 20th century ! His adoption of a broad nib opened the way to the beauties of italic calligraphy.

  2. Joan says:

    It is such a beautiful building. On my visit earlier this year I felt, as I do whenever I visit the Wellcome Collection, that just by virtue of being in the building I was somehow becoming cleverer, calmer, better read – an all round better person! My favourite displays are those of Ethel Mairet’s weaving and I am hoping that at some point one of their temporary exhibitions will feature more of this.

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